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Scribbulus says exactly what you’re really thinking about all the goings on in the Harry Potter world right now. We post the news we know you want to read about and we don’t sugar coat the truth. Go us! We’re so bored of news sites that report so seriously about something so fun.

We also update regularly throughout the day, bringing you more HP-related news than you could shake a stick at! If you like shaking sticks at news that is. We do.

If you find something you think we’d love to see, comment on and generally abuse, mail us at: scribbulus [at] hotmail.co.uk.


Note: All images that appear on the site are copyright of their respective owners and we claim no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us and they will be promptly removed.

4 Responses to “About Scribbulus”

  1. I would just like to say that I’m so happy that I found this site! I got banned for posting the rumoured trailer on another site and for reporting that it was going to be out soon. So glad that there’s a site like this that allows posts like these to be made – after all it is stuff we want to know!!! Thank you!!!

  2. To Scribbulus, here is an exclusive that probably only this site will post:
    A fan got into trouble last year for getting his letter from Jo posted on mugglenet.com. He recently received another letter from Jo and got some replies to a couple of questions he asked:
    Is Regulus Black, Crookshanks?

    Jos response: “No. Nice theory though”

    Question 2:

    Will D’s portrait be a source of information for Harry?


    Question 3:

    Will Horace Slughorn be of any more use in DH with his knowledge of Horcruxes?


    So. Three no’s. Im good at my theories lol!!
    But Jo did say:

    “Sometimes ‘nos’ tell you quite as much as ‘yeses’ though!”

    And that is very very true!!
    Not that I would have expected a “Oh Yes Regulus is Crookshanks! Hes also R.A.B!” answer but a No ends that for me…I still think hes RAB though-and alive!

    So there you go! Share it!


  4. Is anyone here??? The last post was 3 years ago!

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