Emma ‘n Tom – update

We weren’t going to bother with this but decided to since a few people have mentioned it to us. But, yes, the press finally picked up on Emma and Tom Ducker’s relationship.

We reported about it back in March this year.

Enjoy a picture of them sunnying it up in the French Riviera:



~ by scribbulus on August 6, 2007.

42 Responses to “Emma ‘n Tom – update”

  1. Awww…. He better be good to her or Dan and Rup will kick his @!$&*!!!!

  2. OOh!..I`m really happy for her…I think they look very cute togheter..!!..Good Luck for them!

  3. he looks gay.

  4. Emma Watson lives near me w00t!!!

  5. Happy for them though..that dude looks cute!

  6. face it as an act of coordial relationship!—-dh

  7. handsome rugby star + beautiful movie star = 70% failure.woudn’t be surprised if it takes place!!!!!!!———dh

  8. he’s not as attractive as i thought he’d be… but ah well they’re cute together, and i hope she’s happy.

  9. he is soooooo ugly she should get wid channing tatum instead

  10. shes 2 good 4 him

  11. he looks so gay
    emma can get better men

  12. Emma sweetie you can do much, much better.

  13. Ugly Boyy

  14. i agree he is ugly. but hey, as least she aint with rupert:)

  15. who is jess?
    please email me on scruffy_95@hotmail.co.uk
    i really want to write to her(emma) thanks.

  16. He kinda looks strong. May be he has some muscles under that shirt? What if he has a hot body? Or what if he has a great personality? Either one would make him good to date, and maybe he has both, which makes him perfect to date.

  17. i agree whit everyone who said he’s ugly and gay but i have to say good luck to them, they’re really a good couple, i think it’d better if he’s Dan or Rup

  18. Emma made me so upset by dating whit that guy

  19. he looks my my dad’s retarded brother ralph. would would threaten to kill people come winter and would run scared and throw around tables when fearing impending thunder storms. Same hairdo, everything.

  20. emma is so beautiful n she ends up wit a guy lyk diz,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    neway i gotta say diz,,,, dat guy is so lucky

  21. That guy is soooooo ugly and he looks punchable. Emma you are HOT so you can do loads better

  22. Emma watson is the most beautiful girl in this world . & Tom ducker is the most luckiest guy in this world . Everyone is feeling jealousy from that couple i too buts its the choice of Emma & luck of Tom . I wish god bring blossoms in Emma’s life

  23. I wish she’ll be back !!!!!! oops! wht a life of tom

  24. I think dan & rupert is feeling so sad !!!! is’nt

  25. any1 who want to share their feelings with me just send me at Praveenew513@gmail.com

  26. LoL! Emma, this gy has red EYES!!!!!! ( and is Gay btw)

  27. Hey guys check this photo !http://s187.photobucket.com/albums/x288/siarvarlis/?action=view&current=asdasd.jpg

  28. Bah… i was kidding about the picture but… see emma’s smile… do u think she is happy???And about the question if he is gay: i dont think theresa normal guy who wouldnt hug emma if she hugged him.(watch the photo he didht even move his hands)!

  29. I have to agree with the fact that he MIGHT be gay.
    I know a lot of gay guys, and usually, you can tell that they are gay by the fact that they don’t respond to physical attraction and flirting, but there is always the chance that he is just a gentleman, especially since gentleman are so rare these days.
    I think we should just be happy that Emma is happy.

  30. “i agree he is ugly. but hey, as least she aint with rupert:)

    kim said this on August 14th, 2007 at 7:47 am ”

    whats wrong with rupert??

  31. I think his face looks like heironic…I dont know check it out.

  32. He Looks Kinda Chubby, And Like His Face Got Pretty Messed Up From Rugby Or SomeThing… She Is Dumb If She Is Really Going Out With Him…

  33. robin dhasmana is a bad boy he will Tom . he hates him . Robin= I will kill you Tom ducker. If you want to live on nearth leave me and my bhabi emma she is my bhabhi

  34. does anybody know how long has emma been dating him?
    please email me on ar_em_1990@yahoo.com

  35. i dont think its good to judge if he is cute ,gay ,handsome ,… or not what’s important is that in emma’s opinion he look cute
    and if anyone knows about how to contact her(forexample her email address) please tell me:ar_em_1990@yahoo.com
    thank you

  36. ahy no le puede gustar ese taradi ibesil


    emma te amo

  37. he looks like adam brody :O

  38. Haha He is quite ugly but if Emma likes him its her choice, I still fink she shud go 4 rupert tho =]
    Luv Ya Emma xxx

  39. I think theyre cute, i thought they had broken up tho, whatever, im happy for her.

  40. hey emma, as long as she doesnt go for Tom Felton, i dont care, hahahaha hes mine!!!

  41. he’s ugly for sure,sooner she realizes the better.

  42. they look alright together!!

    i hope she enjoys him!!

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