Grint n’ Phelps go to V.

•August 20, 2007 • 10 Comments

Rupert Grint and Oliver Phelps (is it Oliver? Who can tell them apart? Aren’t they just one entity anyway?) attended the Virgin music festival in Chelmsford yesterday.


You can see some pictures of them and the far-too-tiny-for-Oliver VIP tents here. Rupert looked suitably festival-y scruffy while Oliver selected a pair of smart beige chinos for the event. Has the kid…been to a festival before?!

Sigh. What a great life it must be. Running around a magical castle, flying on brooms and camping in mini-Teletubby land tents at festivals.

It’s a criiiime

•August 19, 2007 • 2 Comments

Sooo, a rumour is out that JK Rowling is now writing a crime novel. Probably absolute nonsense but she’s apparently been spotted in the cafe in which she writes (by Ian Rankin’s wife of all people) working on a crime novel. How someone could deduce this by looking at her across a table as they order a latte and a shortbread we cannot begin to imagine. We don’t think for one moment she has any such work on display or wears “I’m writing a crime novel” t-shirts.

Last we heard, she’s writing a fairy story for younger audiences.

You thought Snape was greasy…?

•August 17, 2007 • 11 Comments

…Well, he’s nothing compared to the Harry Potter sculpture made out of butter! This is possibly the best Harry Potter news article all year. We have no words to describe the sheer stupidity but it speaks for itself – just roll with it. “Roll with it”…”butter”….geddit?


Read full story here.

Bourne Ultimatum Premiere MESS!

•August 17, 2007 • 16 Comments

Oh, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, darling. Why must you make our job so easy? In our last Bonnie post, 90% of you ignored the subject at hand and merely ranted on about her ugly clothes, poor girl.

 Now you have EVERY right to do so.

Bonnie rolled up to the Bourne Ultimatum film premiere in London on August the 15th dressed in this monstrosity. All she needs is a cup of loose change to complete the image.


And note how no one looks interested asides from the keyboardist from Sparks in the background who clearly believes he’s spotted the Queen Mother.

Next time, Bonnie, please don’t let your grandmother dress you. Your grandmother with cataracts. The one who thinks the messerschmitts are coming every time the doorbell rings. The one used her curtains to knock up a skirt for you.

More photos below. Click for biggification and Katie Leung who dressed like a 60 year old yet managed to almost pull it off. Note: Bonnie’s wearing her “premiere shoes” again!

76111316.jpg 76112716.jpg

My Boy Dan

•August 15, 2007 • 2 Comments

Yet another photo of Dan on set for upcoming TV movie My Boy Jack has been released in The Daily Star. This time, we get to see him looking both dashing and poncey in a public (that means private) school boy’s uniform. It also looks like he has a mobile phone stashed down those pinstripe trousers. or is it? *shifty eyes*


He goes on to say “For many people my age, the First World War is just a topic in a history book. But I’ve always been fascinated by the subject and think it’s as relevant today as it ever was.” which we would say too if we were being paid to act in a film about it.

Oh, and the scan is from I suppose we should credit them. sniff.

Rupert makes list of top 10 redheads.

•August 14, 2007 • 2 Comments


Yeah, so gossip is slow – sorry, guys.

Anyway, Rupert made the Telegraph‘s Top 10 Ginger Celebrities list. You can see the rest here and, bearing in mind Charlie Dimmock made number 10 (a bra-less tv gardener for those who don’t know) you can safely say the list is just a big fat waste of webspace.

Of his ginger locks, Rupert says: “I get recognized a lot because my hair stands out. Of course, now I have long ginger hair, so it’s easy to spot me“.

Rupert Grint Drunk xD

•August 12, 2007 • 35 Comments

untitled.jpg does it again, bringing to us this marvellous photo of Rupert Grint after a few too many drinks…and looking like he’s thoroughly enjoying it.